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Titanic & Iceberg Exhibit

Halifax - Nova Scotia - Canada

      An absolute must-see when visiting Halifax. You'll never experience another exhibit quite like this one. It has a bit of everything including real artifacts and props from the movie!"

-Halifax Today

Find us on the Halifax Waterfront in the Historic Properties Mall

Come and visit us today - Our exhibit is family friendly and is fun for all ages!

School Bus

RMS Titanic - Up Close & Personal!

Our world class Titanic collection features actual artifacts from the wreck, as well as genuine props from the 1997 movie "Titanic" that were donated by director James Cameron. Come and learn about the world's most famous shipwreck and the Halifax connection!

Icebergs From The North!

While the iceberg that sunk the titanic may be long gone, each year thousands of pieces break off from the same Greenland glaciers and make their way south through the Atlantic shipping lanes each year. Come and learn more about these icy giants and their 10,000+ year old ice!


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Family Pass (4)


*HST Not Included. For larger group rates, please contact us

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