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Photo: Larry Daley

Icebergs From The North

While the iceberg that sunk the titanic may be long gone, each year thousands of pieces break off from the same Greenland glaciers and make their way south through the Atlantic shipping lanes each year. Come and learn more about these icy giants and their 10,000+ year old ice!

Iceberg Education

Have you ever wanted to touch a piece of real iceberg ice? Our Iceberg exhibit offers a really COOL hands on experience with a piece of iceberg that is being preserved at our exhibit. Come join us and learn about where these massive floating ice giants come from and how they were formed over thousands of years.

Kids Icebergs

Photo: Larry Daley

Not much is known about the iceberg that sank the Titanic on that fateful April night off Newfoundland in 1912, but you can learn all about them here at our exhibit!

Teresa & Mike Meza - Houston, USA

Amazing & Awesome!"

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